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Cargo Solutions

Is an on-line marine cargo management system designed to allow you real time access and data entry to assist your marine cargo insurance programme requirements. A one-step data base for communicating your cargo insurance needs and insurance risk profile, plus claims notification and follow-up.
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Risk Management Solutions

Risk Management Solutions is an on-line risk control access point which will assist you to manage the progress of your risk control programme aimed at reducing exposures at your risk locations. This Risk Management Solutions product can be tailor-made to your needs and will produce high level management information reports to assist you to monitor progress on a variety of MIS levels.
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Fleet Solutions

Is an on-line plant and equipment management system designed to allow you to design your own insurance programme data requirements and communicate with your insurance broker/insurer in real time to deliver a cost effective insurance programme including process data and claims.
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Trade Credit Solutions

Is an on-line credit insurance management system that will allow you to monitor and control each step of the credit insurance application, approval and confirmation process. The system links with your insurance broker & insurer in real time to co-ordinate the whole process and so increase response times and reduce administration.
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